Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Catch?

    Catch is a payment method that allows you to pay with your bank account rather than your credit or debit card!

    We save money when you use Catch, and with that saved money, Catch gives it back to you! For every order you make via Catch, you'll earn a 5% credit from that order. And if it's your first time making a Catch purchase, you'll receive a $10 credit too.

    To make a purchase with Catch, select Catch at checkout as your payment method. You'll then be redirected to the Catch site where you''ll sign up, create an account, and start collecting your credits with every order!

    Making a guest checkout? No biggie— you'll be asked to sign-up with your email. Already have a KraveBeauty account? You're chilling! Type in your phone number and you're in. Just remember you'll still need to link your bank account to Catch!

    DO NOTE: Catch is only available for our US customers.

    Still got questions? Reach out to the Catch Team via email at for further assistance.

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